Great speakers ready for you

Alexandre mars

Alexandre Mars

YPO New York City

Alexander cappello

Alexander Cappello

YPO Gold Los Angeles

Alexey goryachev

Alexey Goryachev

YPO Moscow

Ammar charani

Ammar Charani

YPO Monaco and French Riviera Gold, YPO Gold Regional Learning Officer, Europe

Christo popov

Christo Popov

YPO Greater Europe, YPO Regional Learning Officer, Europe

Gene browne

Gene Browne

YPO Greater Europe

Hubert rhomberg

Hubert Rhomberg

YPO Danube

Jamie edwards

Jamie Edwards

YPO London

Lara morgan

Lara Morgan

YPO Gold London

Laura koch

Laura Koch

YPO Big Apple Gold

Petra wetzel

Petra Wetzel

YPO Scotland

Philip koosed

Philip Koosed

YPO Santa Monica Bay

Roy moed

Roy Moed

YPO Gold London

Simon preston

Simon Preston

YPO Pennine Gold

Stuart lacey

Stuart Lacey

YPO Bermuda

Sule kutlay

Sule Kutlay

YPO Gold Istanbul

Voicu oprean

Voicu Oprean

YPO Romania

Patricia kervyn

Patricia Kervyn

YPO Greater Europe, YPO Le Mess Euro

Mariana krancheva

Mariana Krancheva

YPO Greater Europe Gold

Alexandra kornilova

Alexandra Kornilova

YPO Berlin Gold

Hermien goderie

Hermien Goderie

YPO Amsterdam

Magda francesca

Magda Francesca

YPO Gold Belgium; YPO Gold Le Mess Euro

Nina urman

Nina Urman

YPO Paris, Regional Spouse/Partner Officer, Europe

All identified members will or have been through a public speaking workshop. Some of them have YPO speaker experience (see their profiles)

These speakers are Change Makers who are committed to help fellow members to make meaningful changes, to achieve personal growth and improve businesses during their talks

Change Makers commit to volunteer their time for at least one chapter event per year for free. We encourage chapters to give a donation to a charity of the speaker's choice.

Travel Reimbursement (economy class airfare, hotel and meals) will be paid for by the chapter, in addition to the regular chapter event costs

If you have recommendations for member speakers, please email Denise Johnsen ( well in advance to arrange for one of these exceptional 'Only in YPO' resources to be part of your event. 

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